Hand of the Week

May 13th 2024 - Pairs Trophy, session 6       

North opens 1NT.    If East doesn't overcall (give West the KJ of clubs) then South will transfer 2D - 2H and then 4H.   You can ask for aces and give 6H a go.  If you play super-accepts then North can break the transfer with 3D, showing a maximum NT opener with four hearts.   This will certainly get you to slam.    Or South can use a rangefinder 2S to find out how good the North hand is, North replies 3D (maximum) and now 6H.

Of course East is going to overcall 1S.    South shouldn't lie down, and 4H is a practical bid.    West may stretch to 4S and now South can come back with 5D or 5H, but I'm not sure North is going to slam.

In 6H you need either the diamonds to fall 2-2, or the club finesse to be working.   Normally you start with the diamonds, and hooray they fall.    Cash all your winners and lose a club at the end (one East threw out all their clubs and the 8 was high at the end).

7D is a dream contract.   You draw trumps dropping 2-2, and then use the long hearts to pitch two clubs from the North hand, trumping the South club loser.