Hand of the Week

August 28th 2023 - Founders Trophy, session 1       

North is the Dealer and will be keen to open this hand.    1S is normal, or you can ignore the queen of diamonds and open pre-emptively, either 3S or go the whole hog and open 4S although Vulnerable.   Of course East-West have Game everywhere else, but have to find it !

After 1S by North, East can overcall 2C (or possibly Double to bring all suits into play).   Pass by South.   West is keen to push on, so 2D which is forcing for most people, or a risky 2NT.    North will now rebid their spades, how high is up to you.   East shouldn't sell out to 3S or 4S and so take a punt on 5C or 5D.    Double of 3S would be takeout, double of 4S would be for penalties so not available.


Only one East-West pair were in Game !    Pre-empts work, especially in the boss suit spades.